Experience of PGA pros rewarded with new Seal

JOHANNESBURG (23 April 2015) - The experience and status of this country's PGA professionals will now be more clearly identifiable following the launch of the PGA of South Africa's new Member Seal this month.

The new Seal includes a section on the bottom that now clearly identifies the member as either a newly qualified Class A Professional or a veteran Master Professional with a minimum of 20 years experience in the industry.

"The updated design affords the PGA Member the opportunity to share his/her class of Membership. This is also in accordance with the use of the PGA Seal worldwide and ties in with the best practices of the PGA World Alliance," says Ivano Ficalbi, Chief Executive of the PGA of South Africa.

"As an association we are 90 years old this year, and the new Seal more clearly defines the role and experience of our members within our overall vision to be a brand in action."

Following a three-year apprenticeship, a newly qualified PGA member is classed as a Class A Professional, and after a combination of time, additional studies and contribution to their personal work environment, they are upgraded in status.

After three years as a PGA member, he or she graduates to a Class AA Professional. A six-year PGA member is classed as a Class AAA Professional. A decade in the industry is recognised as a Fellow Professional. A member with 15 years of experience is classed as an Advanced Fellow. And the ultimate recognition is that of Master Professional, which recognises 20 years or more in the industry.

"This creates a more clearly defined career pathway for our members," says Ficalbi. "But the progression is not just based on time. It's dependent upon our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme whereby our members are encouraged to upgrade their skills and earn points as in any other professional association before they can progress."

The benefit for the golf industry is that the status of their PGA professional is now significantly enhanced through the visibility of his or her experience. Clubs seeking new PGA professionals can also now clearly advertise for the level of experience they require.

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About the PGA of South Africa

The Professional Golfers Association of South Africa is a members' organization of over 500 qualified Club Professionals. The PGA was founded in 1925 and lists amongst its members over the years many of South Africa's greatest golfers and most dedicated servants of the game.

The PGA is committed to training and serving golf pros whose principal aim is to offer a highly professional service to golfers in all aspects of the game.

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