PGA of SA tees off new programme

PGA of SA tees off new programme to drive revenue at golf clubs

JOHANNESBURG (9 October 2015) - Golf clubs worldwide are looking at ways to meet the demands of the difficult economic climate, and the PGA of South Africa has devised a strategy to help local clubs create more value for their members and attract new ones.

Over the next 12 to 24 months, the PGA of South Africa will implement its new "Valuing the PGA Professional" programme at golf facilities around South Africa.

The programme - which has the full support of the Club Manager Association of South Africa (CMASA) and Golf RSA - is aimed at increasing rounds of golf, membership numbers and revenue at golf facilities; and developing golfers along their pathway in the game.

According to Ivano Ficalbi, the Chief Executive of the PGA of South Africa, the programme is based on the success of similar programmes implemented by the PGA of America and the PGA of Great Britain & Ireland.

"The PGA of South Africa firmly believes that the golf industry needs to focus on implementing positive strategies to bring new golfers to the game, past golfers back to the game and to encourage current golfers to play more golf," says Ficalbi.

"The development of golfers along the golfing pathway from beginner to recreational to engaged and hopefully committed requires focused attention, and the PGA professional is the key component in this player development strategy."

The programme will initially focus on the PGA professionals, but has been structured to incorporate club managers and club volunteers in the second phase.

"Ultimately, the programme will provide the golf facility with an improved understanding of how the PGA professional is integral in the revenue generation at the golf facility through the professional's engagement with the golfer and member," says Ficalbi.

The main focus of the programme is to improve communication and joint strategies between the PGA professional and the golf facility for the mutual benefit of both.

The PGA of South Africa has also partnered with the PeforMAX group to increase accountability and incorporate a review of the golf facility by its members in order to create a benchmark within the golf industry to drive best practice and growth.

"We are really excited about this new strategy and its ability to get all the relevant role players working together to help drive growth and revenue at our golf clubs," says Ficalbi.

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