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JOHANNESBURG (10 November 2014) - The PGA of South Africa has taken another major step forward in its training of PGA professionals with the ownership and development of uniquely South African course material.

Until now, the PGA of South Africa has used the academic material of the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland.

But according to Andrew Gunn, Education and Training Manager for the PGA of South Africa, they are now embarking on a new academic focus to greater serve the South African golf industry.

"Due to the standard of the material of the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland and the standard of delivery of the PGA of South Africa programme, our qualification is recognised by the PGAs of Europe and the World Alliance of PGAs.

"The PGA of South Africa now feels it is in the position to take another step forward and own its own education. Through a generous offer of the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland we will be allowed to use their material and adapt it to the South African experience. In this country we have a greater demand for golf directors and club managers."

The PGA of South Africa has also gone to great lengths to ensure sustainable career options within the industry.

"The PGA of South Africa programme is registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as a Level 5 Diploma, and certain educational bodies were accredited to provide the Diploma.

"So there are now two routes to a PGA of South African qualification. You can find a job, join the PGA of South Africa and do your apprenticeship, or you can sign on with an education provider, remain an amateur, have the benefit of working on your game and playing amateur events, and then do a reduced term apprenticeship."

Gunn says the new academic focus of the PGA of South Africa forms part of their vision to provide the highest level of qualified members for the industry.

"One of the most important functions of a PGA is to ensure that its members are qualified to play a leading role in the golf industry. With the increase in technology in golf and the expertise that is required of a professional nowadays, an advanced academic programme is required in addition to the assistance of the mentor."

The PGA of South Africa’s academic programme is also reaping benefits elsewhere in Africa. The organisation recently trained eight professionals from the PGA of Botswana up to PGAs of Europe standards.

"We see ourselves taking a more active role in the growth of golf in Africa. A career in golf is rewarding and fun, but like other careers requires passion and hard work and often involves long hours. But if a life in golf is your dream, then contact the PGA of South Africa."

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The Professional Golfers Association of South Africa is a members' organization of over 500 qualified Club Professionals. The PGA was founded in 1925 and lists amongst its members over the years many of South Africa's greatest golfers and most dedicated servants of the game.

The PGA is committed to training and serving golf pros whose principal aim is to offer a highly professional service to golfers in all aspects of the game.

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