Gauteng Apprentice Pro Am Results

Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate - Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Individual SCORES
Position Name Score
1 Stephan Spies 40
2 Reece Mayberry 39
  Ryan Reid 39
4 Billy Meyburgh 37
5 Ian Corbett 36
  Bernard van de Meeberg 36
7 Phillip Vosloo 35
  David Riddle 35
9 Alet de Langen 33
  Rudy Whitfield 33
11 Jonathan Morgan 31
12 Andrew Corthing 30
13 Cameron Gunning 29
  Kyle Anthony 29
  Dietrich Uys 29
16 Nicole Becker 28
17 Andrew Hudson 27
  John Woudberg 27
19 Frans Strydom 20
Position Team Score
1 Chamba Kapambwe, Ashley Dube, Lovemore Sithole 95
2 Kyle Anthony, C Poppesque, B Smith, J Gerrades 92
3 Jeandre Fullard, Andrew Westphal, Iain Henry, Dino Pietrolusti 90
4 T Nadangala, A Blanket, T Fani, M Mathube 88
5 Stephan Spies, A Kitzman, C Clement, I Corbett 87

Apprentice Group Bella Modisha, Michael Elson and Callam Ward with the Individual Pro Winner Stephan Spies (in yellow shirt)

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